Blended Learning

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Orders can be placed now for yearbooks by visiting  Books are $40 and will go up to $45 on October 23rd. For more information, click here.


2020/2021 Preschool Application (3- and 4–year-olds)

Be sure to schedule a tour before you apply.

Charter Admissions

For general information about Sterling Montessori's admissions and lottery process, please visit our Charter Admissions page.

Blended learning requires a thoughtful design process. The key to a successful blended learning environment is bringing face-to-face instruction and take home work plans and activities together in a seamless and complimentary way. That can mean there are many moving parts for which to keep track to minimize confusion and take advantage of the opportunities for deeper learning and improved outcomes. All students in class will be able to receive and practice lessons throughout the day. Students will be equipped with take home work plans and activities each Friday in order to work from home the following week.