Board Committees

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2020/2021 Preschool Application (3- and 4–year-olds)

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Charter Admissions

For general information about Sterling Montessori's admissions and lottery process, please visit our Charter Admissions page.

Effective committees do the bulk of the work of the Charter School Board, thereby freeing the full Board for attention to matters like responding to emerging critical issues, strategic planning, major policy development and long-range financial planning. Committee meetings are open to the public and are subject to open meeting laws. Non-Board members are encouraged to attend. Recommendations from committees are presented at full board meetings and will be voted upon when warranted. Voting does not occur during committee meetings.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has the responsibility for working with the Executive Director to create the upcoming fiscal year budget; presenting budget recommendations to the Board; monitoring implementation of the approved budget on a regular basis; recommending proposed budget revisions and appropriate policies for the management of the Charter school’s assets and annually monitors and reviews the work of external financial auditors.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee assumes nominations, orientation and training of the Board members in accordance with the by-laws of the charter school. It is also responsible for established policies and practices by the Board of Directors.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for developing a new Strategic Plan to focus on the continued emphasis upon improving learning and academic results at Sterling Montessori Academy. It is responsible for the development and achievement of a vision in alignment with the values and behaviors espoused by Maria Montessori. The Committee is also responsible for considering marketing and communications to the Sterling community at large.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors to assume the primary responsibility of facilitating clear and consistent means of communication throughout the school community. General systems of communication between the Board and the school community, between administration and staff, between administration and families, and between staff and family may all be monitored and considered by this committee. Annual staff surveys (typically sent out in February of each year) will be created, submitted, reviewed, and analyzed by the Communications Committee. A summary of the feedback received from the survey will be shared with the staff by a representative(s) of this committee. On occasion, this committee will also create, submit, and analyze responses from parent surveys.

Development Committee

The Development Committee assumes the primary responsibility for raising non-grant funds to ensure continued growth and development of the school without impact to the operational budget. The Board of Directors, in consultation with the Development Committee, Director of Development, Finance Committee, and Executive Director, will determine and develop an intensive fund raising/capital plan to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of the school.

Technology Committee

The Technology committee is charged with establishing web publishing, technology and computing resource guidelines and acceptable use policies for Sterling Montessori, in addition to evaluating the school’s technology needs.

Policy Committee

The Policy committee is charged with creation, annual review, and updating (when needed) of the Sterling Montessori policies.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee is reviewing and addressing formal grievances received from the Sterling Montessori community. If a grievance cannot be resolved through the administration level, the parent/guarding or employee may submit a formal grievance to the Board President for review by the LHU Grievance Committee.

Ad hoc Committee

From time to time, an Ad hoc Committee will be formed by the consent of the Board or at the direction of the President to perform a specific function for the school. Ad hoc committees are special, committees that have limited responsibilities and are created for specific purposes. For example, a Search Committee that manages the search process for the Executive Director position would be considered an ad hoc committee. Ad hoc committees are instituted for a specific purpose and disbanded when the need for them no longer exists.